Saturday, September 12, 2015

Those buildings again - a memory - broken

deconstruction in process:

rain - it started - stopped - 
still so wet from before - 
I remember pink - (not blue this time)
but red - like in hot and emotional

red was there - signs 
he said - 'roman ruins'
i said 'ruined'
hot like animals he said
hot and sensuous

memory recall 
cupidity gone green
like being 13 he said
in the monomania landscape

those building....i
departing irrevocable,
like before
when it was the sea

Untitled IV,V,VI - paper

thinking of Francesca Woodman today - Italy, her passion, her understanding - compositional structure

no rest
Francesca knew
no stop
on being
structure beauty

push and repeat

The "tree spit" that helps form the Oxbow - Ct River - September gray early morning 2015

5" x 9" - oil / panel - kdj