Saturday, March 3, 2018

Upcoming landscape painting workshops in Europe: Ireland and Italy

Painting in IRELAND: 

May 16 - 25, 2018

 Join me for a painting workshop excursion to County Mayo, Ireland!  Our group will have your own personal local Irish guide, Cormac Cullen, based in Westport, Ireland. You will be taken to the beautiful countryside to explore the beauty of this ancient and mythical country. There are spectacular monastic and megalithic ruins to seek out in our daily adventures. Return to our hotel after painting all day to dine, converse and mingle with fellow artists. We will also have many wonderful evenings listening to Irish musicians play traditional music in the local pubs. We invite you to immerse yourself in an enriching and creative experience that will expand your painting practice and experience. Students of intermediate to advanced levels are welcome, open to all painters using oil, watercolor, acrylic or gouache. I will provide individualized instruction during plein aire excursions, demonstrations, discussions and presentations that will provide the format for an intensive exciting learning experience. The focus is on the landscape of County Mayo, where you will experience first hand the beauty and richness of Ireland. An emphasize will be place on the importance of drawing and composition as a foundation of a painting. Working small, participants will work to create work with a spirit of place. Her teaching emphasizes looking at the landscape and to understand the formal elements of painting, shape, color, space, form while responding to the grace, order and beauty that is in front of you. There will be ample opportunity to discuss each other’s work and to discuss other international painters throughout history to enrich our experience in Ireland.

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