Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Somewhere there - I should rather than anything have

somewhere there
it was where water poured
out of the pipes
and those swallows - lots of them -
they lived fast
early summer

as e.e. says:
"the air in utterable coolness"
that rain again
a different blue...and
a slow float...that fence
seemed impossible
but not really

but water poured out of the pipes
like before
that kiss - was good that time
love takes time he said

maybe somewhere there -- ( I should rather than anything have as e.e. says...) like the cement, the rubble and the water that poured out of the pipes

paper collage and acrylic, gouache - 12" x 11"-kdjacobs

i have found what you are like
the rain,
            (Who feathers frightened fields
with the superior dust-of-sleep. wields

easily the pale club of the wind
and swirled justly souls of flower strike

the air in utterable coolness

deeds of green thrilling light
                                  with thinned

newfragile yellows

                      lurch and.press

—in the woods

And the coolness of your smile is
stirringofbirds between my arms;but
i should rather than anything
have(almost when hugeness will shut
                  your kiss
e.e. cummings

this morning, Northampton -- near arcadia - 10:30am (oil on arches archival paper 9 1/2" x 13" )

new hawk today
two white stripes
red belly

cold at first then very hot today

painting with e.b.