Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rick Fox - Mentor

Met with Rick Fox on Saturday. He gave me a lot of input and much to think about, looking forward to working with him. He gave me some specific guidelines...recommended looking at Fairfield Porter and reading Porter's book, "ART IN ITS OWN TERMS". Rick mentioned he has clear ways of articulating the issues of organization and formalism. Rick also mentioned Paula Rego, John Walker, Lois Dodd and John Imber.

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HCD said...

I checked out Rick Fox's site, his incredible art there, including the videos. What a treat. So glad I watched the videos right before going to sleep... I should have some amazing dreams tonight with those images swimming around in my brain.

I love his work, as I do yours. I enjoy every single piece you show on this page. Looking at your Cape Cod paintings fills me with peace and serenity (every time I see them) and that's a gift for which I thank you. I can't help but notice how the light and colors in your landscapes so closely mimic the light and colors in the photo of Rick Fox -- was that shot on the Cape, I wonder?

I'm looking forward to seeing more from you, and to hearing more about your horizon- broadening experiences. I admire your ability to put ego aside, so you can soak it all in, sponge that you are.

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